Most people are fond of travel. They want to visit some famous places, and find some new friends. Obviously, tourism has been an important role in our lives.

What is the present status of tourism? Different countries different status, I think. Today, I share you something about the present tourism of China.

In present days, many well-known university campuses have become one of the popular tourist attractions. It has been shown in advisement and on the radio that every year thousands and thousands of middle school students visit Tsing Hua university and Peking university and other famous universities in china. In the place far away from the capital city,the local students also visit the universities that are famous in their own province. So far as the present situation is concerned, is it a good or bad thing to open the university campus for tourists? Different people have different opinions.

First,some people argued that it is a good thing for the students to visit the famous university campus in that it can enable the middle students to get more information about the university and they can have enough time and opportunity to prepare themselves with the chance to get into the university. on the other hand,some people hold a negative view about this phenomenon. in their opinion,the public tourism will have negative effect on the universities because it will not only do harm to the environment but also to the intellectual atmosphere.

In my opinion, the tourism to the universities is not a good thing. The campus is mainly a place for study. with the increasing tourism on the campus,it will ruin the spiritual atmosphere in this leering field.

Tourism, a smokeless industry, is developing quickly in china. With the opening and reform policy being carried out, more and more visitors are crowding into our country. They are eager to see this old magic land with a splendid culture of more than 5,000 years.

Tourism brings china a lot of benefits. First, it enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes friendship and understanding. Second, it is financially beneficial to china, which needs more foreign currencies for its modernization program.

Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. For example, it becomes a burden to inefficient transportation system. What is more, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expenses during long distance travels. In my opinion, with the development of our national economy, all these problems will certainly be solved step by step. A much better and brighter future awaits us.

If you are the people who like travel, you can have a visit in China, which have many magic appeals for you. Travel brings you happy, make you released and comfortable. For us, we work and study most of the time, it is good to have a holiday and visit some new place.