HOSTEL VILLA MICHELLE is a company managed to the tourist and enterprise sector, who offers a private transport service VIP for Executives and a Tourism Guide and Guide of Trip Private or in Group, reliable and with the best  price in Panama. HOSTEL Villa Michelle has a bilingual service with high knowledge in the tourism in Panama.

HOSTEL VILLA MICHELLE IS a guide and at the same time a personal transport for its purchases, transfers towards the hotels, guides for its vacations, transfers from the Airport of Tocumen, transports for businesses in Free Zone of Columbus.  We offer private tour in the city of Panama like in all the country.

We offer several PANAMA CITY TOURS.  Among them we can visit the OLD HELMET of the city (OLD PANAMA), knowing historical centers and colonial architectonic monuments.  The seventh wonder of the world: The Panama Canal; MIRAFLORES LOCK in the Pacific and the GATUN LOCK of COLON in the Atlantic. The CAUSEWAY, AMADOR, 3 charming islands to the border of the main entrance of the PANAMA CHANNEL, with multiple restaurants, bars, with the greatest and beautiful deprived navy of Panama with one free zone (DUTY FREE) for its purchases and with the best view of the MODERN CITY and its gigantic skyscrapers.

Visits of RURAL TOURISM and ECO-TOUR, being able to know the 14 NATIONAL PARKS in all the country. Panama is an ideal country for a direct bonding with the tropical rainy forest, unique capital of Latin America surrounded from forests to less than ten minutes of its center and easy access to three National Parks, declared Reserve of the Biosphere and Patrimony of the Humanity (METROPOLITAN PARK, PARK SOBRERANIA, PARK SUMMIT, PARK VOLCAN BARU, PARK the INTERNATIONAL the FRIENDSHIP).  Forests with the richest variety of flora and fauna of the world, where they coexist more than 10.000 varieties of plants and 1.000 species of birds.

BARRO COLORADO NATIONAL PARK is the largest forested island in the Panama Canal waterway, is part of the Barro Colorado Nature Monument and is the site of an internationally recognized biological research station.

All the year is also offered CULTURAL TOURS those that they include: wild life, long walks, bicycles, botany, archaeological, photograph, observation of birds, observation of whales, diving, supervisory observation of butterflies, celebrations, excursions to the tropical forests, indigenous culture (like INDIANS OF EMBERA AND INDIANS OF SAN BLAS) and much more.

Others that like the sea, we offer Tourist Guides in best BEACHES of Panama from the pacific ocean (as BEACH SANTA CLARA AND WHITE BEACH) to the Atlantic sea (BEACHES OF PORTOBELO AND BEACHES OF COAST ABOVE AND COAST DOWN).

HOSTEL VILLA MICHELLE offers all type transports terrestrial and tourist excursions not only in the city of Panama but in all the country with diurnal routes and at night.  From the moment that you arrive at the Tocumen Airport you will have a bilingual and reliable persons helped you and who offers a personal Tourist Guide, based on your tastes and your individual interest.

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HOSTEL VILLA MICHELLE is also a luxurious ACCOMMODATION in the financial district of Panama City, in the neighborhood called Altos del Golf, one of the best and secures neighborhoods in the city and one of the most inexpensive lodging in the City.

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