Keeping a watchful eye on your possessions has never been easier with the help of a security camera system.

There are many different options and accessories that go with your system, and it is important that you buy a system that fits your needs. May be you want the option to record video while you are away? Or maybe you want the option of having night vision sound like something that would benefit you? It is better to know what you are shopping for before even setting foot into a 16 channel DVR

If you are someone who travels a lot, or you know that there are many times that your home is left unattended, then consider a 16 channel DVR with the option of recording all video recorded. Having this option gives you the added security of having eyes on your home even while you are away. In the event that something is missing, you can easily review the tape and submit it to the proper authorities.

The number of cameras that come with the security camera system should be considered as well. You want to have enough cameras to cover the entire area, but not so many cameras as to draw attention to them.

Buying a system with 12 cameras wouldn’t be beneficial for someone who only has a 3-bedroom house on 3 acres of land. It would just be impractical and you can easily survey this area with as little as 4 cameras strategically placed.

Do you prefer color, or black and white video? Sometimes you will be sacrificing quality if you go with a full color system instead of black and white. Having color is not as important as having a clear image right? This isn’t to say that all color camera systems are going to give you a blurry image, but sometimes, unless you can see a store model or have a good representative speaking with you, it’s best to stick with black and white.

Buying a 16 channel DVR will be easy as long as you consider a few things before shopping around. Inspect the area of your home to determine how many, and what type of security cameras you will need. Knowing this valuable information before shopping can save you money and a lot of time. Know more with