Being a poor student doesn’t mean you have to put your travel plans on hold. In fact traveling as a student, whether it be at home or abroad, can be done on a small budget as there are many deals there for you to take advantage of.


Use the fact that you are a student to get discounts. Before you go traveling get yourself a student discount card and use it. The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) will get you concessions on tourist attractions, food and shopping among other things. This card is for any student regardless of age or for youth aged between twelve and twenty six and can be used in over one hundred countries. This student discount card comes complete with an international phone card and a voice mail account. This ensures you can be contacted while traveling.


There is also the International Student Exchange Card (ISEC) which gives travel discounts across the globe. Discounts can be as much as fifty percent on such things as museums, movies, transport options and accommodation. Not only will this card save you a lot of money while traveling, it also provides other benefits including assistance with medical expenses and evacuation fees if caught in a disaster. You also have access to toll free emergency phone service world wide should you need help in urgent situations. The ISE card will also provide you with airline bankruptcy protection. If you book your flights through an ISE agency, you will be covered if your carrier goes bust.


And finally there is the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) which you can get if you are under twenty six years of age. There is a small charge associated with this card, but the benefits outweigh this cost when traveling. This card will get you discounts in about fifty countries including airfare discounts, accommodation reductions and entry in to tourist attractions at a reduced rate.


Other student cards that offer discounts are transport cards such as the STA Travel card or Young Persons railcards issued in the United Kingdom. But the offers don’t stop there for students. In western countries it is wise to ask if there are student discounts in any place where you are about to part with your money. Discounts can be given by restaurants, retailers (on just about anything) and hostels. Not all places advertise that they give discounts so if you don’t ask, you’ll never find out what savings you can make.


Students aren’t the only lucky ones to get fabulous travel discounts. Seniors also have deals available to them while traveling as do group travelers and families. Investigate what discounts apply to you and ensure you take advantage of them.


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