If you are looking to get a bargain or cheap flights to NZ here are things you can do to accomplish this. Below I will give you my top 5 tips to get cheap tickets to NZ.

First Tip
This is common sense, but you can usually get really cheap prices when you book your tickets early. So the key here is to plan and schedule early for your trip or vacation to NZ as early as possible. How much you need to pay is how much earlier you actually book for your flight to NZ. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay more as the date of travel grows nearer.

Second Tip
Plan your trip to NZ during off peak seasons. This will greatly boost your chances that you will be paying a lot less for your visit to New Zealand as compared to planning your trip to NZ during peak season.

If you insist on going to NZ during peak season, you really need to book in advance to get the cheapest flight possible for that season.A side note about certain holiday dates such as Thanksgiving. It is safe to note that in countries celebrating Thanksgiving, most people tend leave or fly the day before Thanksgiving. Chances are, they are coming back after the weekends.so don’t be surprised if the fare is actually less on the day itself. This also means flights for the day before will cost higher.

Tip #3
Look for good deals, vacation packages or holiday deals to NZ with your available airlines or travel agencies. This can really save a lot of money for you. This helps lower your overall airfare cost for your flights to NZ. So you see, there’s really a lot of ways for you to get cheap flights to NZ.

Fourth Tip
Compare the ticket’s pricing between the different airlines that you may take to NZ. Different airlines will quote you different prices. Usually you will find that the airline that is generally providing cheap airfare will be the one coming on top in coming up with the cheapest flight that you can get at that time. However, this is not always the case or at times, there may be no available seats left on the airline. Therefore, if it is possible, take the advice from tip #1 and book early.

Final Tip
Book your tickets online. Most airlines now provides additional discounts when your purchase tickets online since it actually cost them less. Contrary to tip #3, it can be cheaper to book your ticket online than through your travel agent. Moreover, you should note that last minute booking or even booking a day before your flight may not be possible.At most, you can book your tickets as late as 24 hrs before the actual flight.

The same applies to buying your tickets from the airport. However, some airlines allow you to buy your tickets as late as 2 hours before a flight at their airport counter. If need be, make a phone call to the airline’s office or travel agency if you happen to require to book your ticket during the day itself or a day before.