India is an ideal destination on tour of world. With imbibing too much cultural and geographical diversity, it truly reflects the feeling of world travel in India. And while developing immensely after world trade negotiations and agreeing to the terms of liberalization, India has witnessed more influx of cultural diversity. Development in infrastructure and reach to even some of the remotest and isolated spots, has led travel world in India to reach at different passion and level. The number of tourist visiting the country is growing day by day.

Being the seventh largest country by area and second biggest by population, it is quite natural for the country to possess the immense diversity with respect to geography, climate, culture and ethnicity across her expanse. There is a lot to be traveled with respect to destination on India travel. On the tour of India following is the list of destinations that one should visit and travel.

  • Delhi: It is the capital of India and center of most of political activities in India.
  • Bengaluru: The garden city of India now has developed into the city of pubs, technology and companies.
  • Chennai: It is one of the prominent seaports of India. Culturally, it is known for Carnatic Music out there. At present it retains the status of automobile capital of India and fast growing into an IT hub.
  • Jaipur: Famous as Pink City of India, it displays the Hindu Rajput culture of medieval North India.
  • Kochi: From medieval period it is a poplar center of International trade, at present it is known as for its sandy beaches and backwaters.
  • Kolkata: The prominent port of India, it is the cultural capital of India. Home to many buildings from colonial period it is also revered as City of Joy.
  • Mumbai: It is the financial capital of India and center of India movie making as like Hollywood in America.
  • Shimla: It used to be summer capital of British India situated in the Himalayan foothills with a good number of buildings in Victorian architecture.
  • Varanasi: it is revered as the most holy city of Hindus.

Apart from other mentioned spots there are many other center is tourist attractions as Bodh Gaya, Ellora/Ajanta, Goa, Golden Temple , Hampi, Khajuraho, Konark, Lake Palace, Meenakshi Temple, Taj Mahal and Parasnath hills. However, one can enjoy many other places on India online travel while visiting various websites.