The world is in an economic crisis and tourism has slowed down all over the world, which has travel enthusiasts guessing whether to take a vacation or not. Cheap travel is possible if you’re willing to plan ahead and do a little research. Experts give some tips for travelers on a budget.

Being prepared is the key to a great trip. You need to read about the vacation spot online and go through travel books. Find out if there are city passes that offer discounts on attractions and transportation. You can also contact local bloggers for information about where to eat and what to see.

Travelers need to control spending. You should make sure you have access to more money than you think you’ll need and keep tabs on spending by recording expenditures.

Travel enthusiasts should start looking at ticket prices two months out, checking every few days for fluctuations. When the price drops to a reasonable amount, make the reservation.

Be flexible with your travel dates and location. Traveling is always more expensive during the times when people travel the most: holidays, spring break, weekends. Certain destinations offer special deals.

Check travel site for hotel deals. Hostels are also a great inexpensive alternative to hotels. Some hostels offer private rooms with private baths just like a hotel but without the hefty price tag. Hostels may not be the most luxurious of accommodations but traveling cheap requires a few sacrifices.

Eating out for every meal can add up very quickly. Set a budget ahead of time to avoid overspending. Planning ahead and shopping at grocery stores for snacks, bottled water, and simple items for sandwiches is a great way to travel cheap, as is bringing snacks from home.