India is one of the most visited places in Asia because of its unique history which goes back to almost 5,000 years. India is known as a mysterious, colorful, exotic country. People travel to India to see the diverseness of this country. India has a unique culture and it is one of the oldest and greatest civilizations of the world. India is a package of culture that fascinates the imagination of the visitors.

India is a land of monuments. In whichever part of the country one travels, one finds various structures of temples, mosques, and other historical architecture spread all over the region which peaks about the different customs and culture of the country. One should Travel to India to experience the amazing brilliance of the monuments of India. Rajasthan is a very popular travel destination among both abroad as well as domestic tourists. Rajasthan has the maximum number of forts and palaces in the country.

Travel to India is complete if one opts for the Golden triangle tour which is the most famous tourist attraction in India. The main cities of Golden Triangle Tours are Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, which is famous for the beautiful Taj Mahal. Apart from modern day cities and ancient monuments, travel to India to see a variety of beautiful resorts, lush tropical jungles with wildlife, vast Indo Gangetic Plains, mighty Himalaya and the long coastline adorned with golden beaches.

When one travel to India, Goa is definitely a must see for its golden beaches. Kerala is also famous for its lovely beaches, resorts, ayurveda and spa resorts, and natural beauty. Making it a perfect destination for beach vacations and also attracts foreign tourists to travel to India. For people who love adventure sports can opt for the Himachal Tours. Wildlife in India is also very enthralling. During travel to India, tourists can enjoy wildlife safari into 55 national parks. Ranthobhore National Park in Rajasthan draws thousands of tourists who want a glimpse of the tiger making it one of the most interesting wildlife safaris in India. Keoladeo Ghana in Rajasthan is a place for people who love bird-watching. Tourists from all over the world opt for South India Travel to explore the cultural heritage and other attractions of this beautiful region. South India Travel has many beautiful places to see and explore like the magnificent architectural marvels, enthralling wildlife, breathless beaches, stunning backwaters, cool hill stations, relaxing Ayurveda and beautiful temples.