Every hour there is a new news and exhilarating social media story or article to smack the news bulletin. But the query residue that is the travel industry in reality using social media as a value addition in their core business.

Here are Six ways that Travel Industry and Online booking technology providers can use Social Media to get their strategy right in their business diligence :-

1. Customer Approach

For Travel Industry, social media plays an increasingly important role in their customer engagement strategy and customer-centered management.

When we talk about customer engagement, significance is a key and lookout. The amount of personal data that sites like Face book, Orkut gives and even business related stuff on LinkedIn the marketers like us should jump on this occasion to drive significance and use this information to drive their business, which is used similarly in Facebook Hotel Booking Application.

2. Risk Communications

The crisis like Ash clouds, hurricanes, health scare and terrorism always affect the travel business. The travel industry has to face these risks persistently and their aptitude to covenant with this crisis scenarios swiftly and competently is critical to their success and also sadly their failures.

Social Media again plays a crucial role here by helping customers informed and averts disasters before they take hold through mediums like Twitter where audience can be informed before the announcements on the evening news. With social media, things have advanced fairly where we all can approach to several real-time monitoring and passing of information faster and easier to next levels.

3. Special / Discounted Offers

Many firms in this industry are now following Twitter, Facebook for their package booking solution and are taking into account these sites to be a better podium to update customers of real-time price quotations and hot deals to explore such opportunities to connect and sell.

4. Building Target Audience Groups

By having Community Groups a business can use an extraordinary commendation overhaul to propose a specific content or data from and to similar users, to offer functional and real time updated travel information to each community member.

The best example for that are the TripAdvisor and the Booking Engine Third Party Integration providers which have connected at Facebook. The purpose or goal behind this relation was that travelers increasingly prefer to hunt for recommendation and information about a destination from their friends and concerns for the Online Hotel Booking System.

5. Real-Time Communications

Real Time Communication or sharing an information platform plays an important role in the travel industry to point out how faster a service can be handled and how package booking solution can be implemented in this industry.

Like in hotel industry amenities can be dealt with a Facebook or Twitter account and even online bookings can be done on Hotel Booking from Facebook Account.

6. Connect With Locals

Social media is completely about people and the information they possess. Local Public are always ready to share their first-hand facts related to their experience, any time of their day walking on streets or using a Social Media account.