A suitcase is a must-have item that you must carry while traveling. Indeed, the luggage is designed specifically for traveling purposes, the design is strong, the size was fitted and can be filled with various goods needs. One more, the luggage is easy to carry everywhere, so it is most fitting you use when traveling or vacation.

Another luggage surplus is durable! Naturally if the price is enough to drain your pocket. But do not worry, this suitcase can hold up for years. Therefore, before buying a suitcase, there are some things you should look at as reviewed in the article below:

Tips on Choosing a Luggage Bag

In the market are available various models of luggage that you can choose. Too many of these options certainly make you confused to choose. Do not be tempted by the cheap price, it may be less quality so easily damaged.

Here are tips on how to buy and choose luggage:

Size. Consider the size of your suitcase, not too big and not too small. The size fits ideally cabin size or medium size, so it can get into the cabin plane or train. The important thing you will not mind when carrying a suitcase if fully charged.

Material. Many choices of bags that you can choose, each has advantages and disadvantages. You can choose made from synthetic materials such as cloth (but berplastik) or commonly called ballistic nylon.

Choose an easy to clean and not easily scuffed.

Zippers. Choose a large zipper, because the greater it can hold the load in it, your suitcase is not easily broken.

Wheeled Luggage

Variant for luggage there is a 2 wheeled and there is a wheel 4. The best option is a 4-wheeled, because it can make you easy to carry, driven or withdrawn.

Tips on keep Suitcase Bags

Once your bag is unused, you should keep it well in order to stay durable and can be used again in the future. Follow the tips on saving your suitcase well below:

Take out the contents in the suitcase. When finished traveling, immediately remove all the contents and not to have any objects left in the suitcase, including accessories or food.

Remove the sticker in the suitcase. When you travel by plane, there must be an airline sticker stuck on your trunk. Immediately release when you get home. Stickers that stick to old will be difficult to open, and of course can damage the surface of your suitcase

Keep it in a safe place. Keep your suitcase in a dry place, safe from water seepage from a leaking roof or moist air from the bathroom. Also make sure not to keep it in places that are prone to cockroaches or rats.

Give the camper inside and around the suitcase. Camphor will keep it fragrant and avoid the animals like insects.

Find a good camper and leave no trace when yawning.

Cover with plastic.

You can also coat it with plastic to avoid dirt and dust. Your copier remains durable and will continue to look new.