India has a lot of history and knowledge to offer with seemingly glorious world-class artifacts and goodies for you to take back home. You only need enough money to support your needs on a trip to India and a luxurious stay in a first class hotel to enjoy the sights, scents and scenery of dazzling India.
The largest democracy in the world, India is a land of captivating and fascinating beauty and has always beckoned the heart of the discerning traveler. The cultural diversity and rich history of India attract lot of tourists to the sub-continent. India is quite an exciting nation and has lots of adventure to offer to its tourists. It is geographically rich and full of diverse terrains. Be it the snow clad Himalayas, the scorching Thar Desert or the crystal clear waters down south, India attracts all kinds of tourists.

It is a land of the holy Ganga, of the majestic and mighty Himalayas. It is here the biggest symbol of love of a king for his queen,Taj Mahal, stands silently. A land rich in scenic beauty, culture and traditions, India boasts of many world heritage sites as well as world famous palaces and monuments.

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Getting to India is not a problem at all as India is well connected to the rest of the world by air, road and rail. Flights from all over the world land in India everyday.Cheap airline tickets to India are a necessity in order to maximize your stay as part of your game plan to be able to have enough to spend on a luxurious hotel and eat ethnic food.

Once you reach India getting a place to stay is quite simple. Hotels in India are famous for their hospitality. A guest in India is regarded as God and this tradition is mirrored through the hotels and accommodation options. Reservations can be made in advance on the net. The hotels in India are heavily booked depending on the season related to the place of visit.

There are lots of places to see in India. There is never a dull moment around here. India tourist attractions comprise of places of scenic beauty, historical monuments, the magnificent palaces, temples, forts all silently telling the story of their splendor and bravery. The beautiful long beaches of golden sand, the majestic mountains, the silent backwaters, the wildlife with the valley full of flowers-it can all be experienced on travel to India.

India is the home to the highest mountain ranges in the world, The Himalayas. Adventurers from around the globe come to India to enjoy the river rafting and relax in the tranquility of the lofty peaks. Towards the east are the seven states which are an example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Taj Mahal,one of the wonders of the world, attracts tourists from near and far and is one of the major tourist attractions in India. Another nearby state which ranks high on India tours is Rajasthan. It is the land of deserts and forts and palaces with its kings and queens.

Thus, traveling in a part of India provides a unique travel experience. You can get more information on tourism in India and about cheap tickets to India. Make you.trip to India enjoyable and memorable.