So, you have opted for the “Gap Year” for traveling! Well, that is great news. Then consider purchasing gap year travel insurance before you head out for your trip. Not all the countries offer same hygiene standards as UK and taking a Gap Year means spending time in very low budget accommodation arrangements that might not be in the best interest for your health. There are high chances of you falling sick while you are abroad for a long time due to change in environment and atmosphere. And health care now a days are very expensive affair in every country. At times you might have to use the emergency service of the hospitals too. Having travel insurance won’t just safeguard you from health hazards that might incur during your trip but will also safeguard your personal belongings and will give the peace of mind not only to you but also to your loved ones who will be back home while you are on the journey to the far off land for a long time.

Your holiday insurance or gap year travel insurance policy should cover you for 1 year and should cover for medical expenses if you were to become ill. It should also cover for your belongings that might get lost or stolen, and for your cash. No matter how many countries you want to visit or activities you plan on taking part in, your adventure gap year insurance should cover you. This could include a safari, trekking in the jungle, mountaineering or working in a bar. The policy should include free cover for over 100 sports and activities and should even cover you if you decide to work whilst on your gap year. If you decide to work abroad on your gap year you need to make sure you are adequately insured. The policy should cover you while you work abroad for up to 12 months, whether it is paid or volunteer work. That includes teaching, au pair work, sports coaching, bar work, fruit picking and even tour guiding. For volunteering the policy should cover you for up to 12 months for volunteer work such as counseling and mentoring youngsters, buildings projects and working with animals and wildlife.

Get your self insured with the travel insurance that suits your trip. Enjoy the benefits of gap year traveling to see a country with a very different perspective and to learn their culture and traditions in a very personal way. Many employers value the team-based and interpersonal skills that are developed on gap year projects. You will quickly develop a strong sense of independence whilst on a gap year course and many people who have been on gap years have a more mature outlook on life than others their age. This kind of holiday is definitely much rewarding and fulfilling experience than a typical tourist or beach based holiday.

Always remember to get your self insured! You never know what you are going to encounter during your trip. The best thing to do is to “Play Safe”.