India tops the favorite destination list of most travelers across the world. This huge country is not only spread across a vast piece of land, but is also home to varied cultures, traditions, religions and regions. A trip to India offers plethora of experiences to take back home. There is adventure, spirituality, serenity many such more experiences that are wanted by varied kinds of travelers.

To explore this diverse and exotic land, many travel planners falling under the ‘India travel agent’ category offer numerous tour packages to tourists coming from all over the world. There are group or individual travels arranged to the beautiful destinations of the Indian land. A visitor is exposed to snow-covered peaks, sun washed beaches, vast desert lands, sacred places of worship, quaint villages, historic monuments etc.

India shines of the joys and happiness displayed in celebrating festivals and vibrant cultures that speak of this ancient country’s glorious past. The much talked about hospitality of Indian people is another factor that draws countless visitors to India. When in India, it is advised to stay with an Indian in his house to experience the warmth and togetherness of Indian families and the most important, to relish authentic Indian food.

The most famous and the most visited tourist destination in India is the royal state of Rajasthan. The state’s vibrant culture and rich heritage showcases the true colors of India. A traveler can explore the imperial architecture depicted on huge forts and palaces of Rajasthan and also get indulged in the unforgettable taste of authentic Rajasthani food.

Amongst the magnificent landscapes of the south are intricately built temples that represent the devout sentiments of religious South Indians. These temples are more than thousand years old and speak volume of the extravagant culture of the south. Another attraction here is the diverse and abundant wildlife that shelters in thick forest cover. One can witness exotic species of flora and fauna in the lush green surroundings at South India.
Serenity and peaceful living can be experienced in the North-Eastern side of India. High mountain peaks covered with snow throughout the year, endless forest cover, fresh air to breathe and lush environment add to the blissful experience of the North East. Adventure seeking travelers can enjoy long hours of trekking on hilly terrains surrounded by huge mountains.

So contact your India travel agent and travel to India to explore its splendid beauty and experience multiplicity of cultures!