Hot Spring Bathing & Mud Spa Duration: 1/2 day Overview

This tour is designed as an eco/healthy tour.

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Day 1: Thap Ba Hot Spring Bathing

This tour is designed as an eco/healthy tour. First exercise yourself by biking from your hotel to Thap Ba Hot Spring center via beach side road. Relax and gain your health in Mud bathing and Minerals Springs swimming. After that, visit the Cham Po Nagar Temples nearby. Biking back to your hotel through Nha Trang street to observe local Nha Trang life.
Timing: Morning 8.30 am – 12.00 noon. Or Afternoon 1.30 pm – 5.00 pm

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Kim Boi Hot Spring – Cycling 1 Day Duration: 1 day Overview Hoa Binh and Ha Tay province are two most beautiful provinces which are located between the Red River Delta and Hoang Lien range. The range of limestone mountains contain hot spring natural water is widely known as Kim Boi hot spring. The routes are the most spectacular scenery through many villages and ranges of Karst-formation rocks. This tour helps tourists see the most beautiful landscape of tortuous mountain and villages Itinerary [detail itinerary…]

Day 1: Kim Boi Hot Spring – Cycling 1 Day

For this trip we use the Trek 5.7 and Trek 500 performance bicycles made by Thai Lan. The bicycles have 24 speeds and a lightweight steel alloy frame designed for road cycling. Other features include LRS (Low Ratio Suspension) and excellent damping capacity, both of which help to absorb vibration and shocks for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride. The bicycles are available in a number of sizes and will be adjusted to individual heights.