Cheap city breaks to new york start with the will and desire to get there and a little know-how when it comes to trimming the travel costs. Hotel deals and budget dining are up for grabs for the savvy traveller who demands the best and won’t settle for less.

The primary place to scale back your next Big Apple adventure is to take advantage of the many intimate boutique hotels located across Manhattan and Long Island. Owned and operated as a single proprietorship, these smaller hotels may be low on price, but are big on customer care. No matter where you choose to hunker down, rest assured that the subway is just steps away and provides the fastest domestic travel service in New York City. Enjoy impressive savings with the all-day or week long MTA Metro Card for unlimited use on the trains, subways and buses for maximum savings and elimination of taxi fare.

Self-guided tours are the way to go to set your own pace and plan a custom itinerary. For best results when its boots on the ground, familiarize yourself with a NYC map and it won’t be long before you get your bearings. Hint for the first-time New York City tourist: all streets run east and west, and all avenues are going north and south. Your newfound compass code makes navigation easy from the world-class museums of Upper Manhattan to Battery Park and Wall Street in Lower Manhattan. The subways and buses are going your way, so hop on and enjoy the ride.

Cheap city breaks to New York can be found when you opt to avoid the peak travel seasons to include the mid summer, spring break, and the onset of the holiday season commencing in mid November. New York is a beautiful scene with the famous Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree and the impressive animation on the streets, however, airfare and accommodation tend to reflect the high tourism time with inflated hotel prices and out of reach price tags. The savvy traveller that wishes to save substantial money on a Big Apple escape might want to shoot for March through May, and September till Thanksgiving to take in all the sights and sounds of everything New York.

New York has plenty to see and do to meet most budgets, starting with a day at the fair at the Coney Island amusement park. Ride like the wind on the notorious Cyclone roller coaster or take a leisurely stroll on the beach at this landmark New York attraction. The sky is the limit to making your own plans in NYC, spending as little or as much as your budget allows. The magic of New York is not found in the Broadway tickets you hold, but rather the spark in your heart to feel the pulse, tempo and electricity of the most exciting city on earth.