You can always make your air travel experience smooth sailing even before you board the plane. For instance, you can ask your travel agent in advance to book you for a special airline meal for your flight. Most of the time, your food will be served first and before others’ will be. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for people with special needs like kosher food or a diabetic meal. You could as well ask for vegetarian meals or those which are low fat.

Business class travel would be the way to go for an all out relaxing time during the flight. It is very much possible for you to secure these seats without actually paying for them. If you travel frequently especially on one particular airline, you can apply for a frequent flyer’s program. Here, you collect points and rewards which you could later on redeem for free flights or seat upgrades.

Having jet lag can be tiring especially if you still have a lot to do once you arrive at your destination. You can actually prevent from having a jet lag if you avoid drinking alcohol during the flight and instead drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Stretch on your seat or walk around the plane especially on long flights to promote blood circulation inside your body. As much as possible if you will be crossing to another time zone, sleep according to your destination’s time zone.

Your flight will be relaxing if you choose to fly early in the morning. The great thing about early morning flights is that not so many people want to get such flights and so the airport and the plane will be less crowded. If you want to get to the airport early enough for the flight, you could always arrange to stay at the airport hotel or a hotel very near the airport.

If you could not secure an early morning flight, find another flight schedule but as much as possible avoid peak flying times. The crowd will get you more agitated plus security is heightened more when there are more people resulting to longer queues and lines.

Some airlines provide the convenience of online check-in to avoid waiting at long counter lines. However, you cannot use this feature if you have any luggage to check in.

Be at the airport as early as possible for you can never tell when any untoward incidents may occur along the way. Airports nowadays recommend that you be there at least 3 hours in advance as going through the current security actually takes time. When you are not in a rush, you feel more relaxed and at ease.

Booking for non-stop flight will save you time instead of getting off on one plane and boarding on another again. However, if there is no available non-stop flight; ensure that the schedule gives a time allowance for you to get on your next connecting flight.