Bored of watching those traditional soaps and dramas huh? Why don’t you guys try out some outdoor games instead? You know you should always indulge yourself into participating in various types of outdoor games. So guys besides partying out with friends and family during weekends try utilizing some of your time into playing outdoor sports. Trust me such an exercise is always good for your health. It will definitely relieve your mind and body from the excessive work pressure at home and office. You can also have a great time watching various types of outdoor adventure sports on the DISH Network Outdoor Channel. Let us quickly explore what this channel has in store for all the viewers.

As the name suggests, Outdoor channel broadcasts good quality shows especially designed to entertain the viewers who are die-hard sports lovers specifically in out adventure sports. This channel is ideal for those who are literally passionate about outdoor adventure games that include fishing, hunting, shooting, off-road motor sports and many more outdoor activities. The individual show content of the Outdoor channel on Satellite TV will surely entertain the entire family. Check out some of the coolest shows.

‘Real Tree Trips with Michael Waddell’:

If you wish to acquire profound knowledge about the modern day hunting then Michael Waddell is the ultimate person to provide you with the relevant details. Michael Waddell is a veritable superstar in the outdoor world, who combines his hunting skills with his down-to-earth personality entertaining the viewers and of course his fans of all ages across the nation. This show is an insight into the lives of the hunters and this has been well depicted in ‘Real Tree Trips with Michael Waddell’.

‘Shooting Gallery’:

Yet another mind-blowing show on DISH Network Satellite TV is ‘Shooting Gallery’. This show is a cutting edge television series for the real shooters. When we are talking about shooters we mean collectors, competitors, hunters or those who carry guns for self-defense. Now there are different aspects of shooting and that is exactly what this show covers. In each of the episodes ‘Shooting Gallery’ will focus on a single topic to provide enhanced knowledge and interesting facts about shooting to the viewers. The show is hosted and produced by veteran shooting competitor Michael Bane.

‘Benelli’s American Birdhunter’:

Get an updated picture about some of the finest and best trainers and dog handlers from across the nation who prepares young dogs to enhance their hunting skills on the field. Tom Knapp is one of the greatest exhibition shooter of modern times. Tom loves to travel to far off locations in search of North America’s great game birds, upland birds and waterfowl. The powerful DISH Receiver transmits excellent picture quality and it is a real treat to our eyes watching such fascinating shows without any distortion

‘Dead Down Wind’s American Archer‘:

Wanna know about archery? Well, ‘Dead Down Wind’s American Arche’ is such a show that will provide you with a vast knowledge of archery. Show host, Tom Nelson shares his more than thirty years of shooting experience on this show. This is an informative and action-packed show and the viewers will definitely have a wonderful time travelling to some of the world’s top bowhunting destinations with tom Nelson.

Have a great time watching the numerous shows on Outdoor channel in DISH HD mode. Enjoy razor-sharp clarity and superior sound while watching the shows on your HDTV.