Pre-requisites of a travel

Before departing from your home, ensure that you  collect all your letters from the letter box, cancel all the home deliveries, make out to that you lock valuables like,jewellery and important documents in a secure place. Also make your room reservations in advance, especially during peak seasons. It would be better, you inform only to trusted neighbors and relatives alone regarding your departure. Recheck, whether you have taken all your necessary documents, belongings, credit and debit cards and medication. In case of destination abroad, do not forget to change your currency to the local currency, of the country you are leaving for, at the foreign exchange.

Be prepared to countenance the climatic condition of your destination, as few of you may find it difficult to adjust to the new climatic conditions.Always, have with you some medication for cough, cold etc in your medicine kit, and also have the phone numbers of your family doctor. While on travel, make certain that you take care of your health. Increase the intake of your water and do not let your system dehydrated. Just have light meals and stay away from any kind of junk food. Wear only the costumes which are loose and that you feel are comfortable.

Circumspection while Travelling

Be cautious, that you donot fall prey to strangers and perpetrators. Never reveal your personal details to any of the strangers.When you are waiting in the public places,it is important to take care of your luggage, do not leave your luggage under the surveillance of unknow person. The other  important thing you should remember is,never show off your affluence,wearing jewellery,gold chains,rings and costlier watches. Plan your entire schedule and ensure that you follow it strictly without fail. If you are on a travel along with your children, do not leave them alone in any circumstances.

In case, you are single on the journey you have planned, just ring up your family and friends and inform them of your safety and well being. On your journey to a specific loction, have a map of the city, you are in.It would be safe, if opted for a travel insurance, as it will cover risks like medical expenses, legal assistance, trip cancellation and so on.It is not advisable to carry all your money with you, better if you draw some amount of money from the nearby ATMs. Abide by the laws, rules and regulations of the place you are staying.Be soft spoken and respect the native culture of the locals, and try mingling with them.

Finally, when you are vacating the hotel room, check twice that you have packed all your belongings, without fail and there after inform to the hotel authority by handing over your room keys. Leave home safely and excitedly and come back home safely and cheerfully!!