Traveling alone can give you the freedom to go where you want and to do whatever you want to, but also exposes you to unscrupulous people.

The risk increases as a new arrival in your chosen destination. Women traveling alone should be more vigilant than when they are traveling in a group. Nothing is lost by being attentive for your own security, because if you get caught unprepared, it will be too late to repent later.

When at the airport, avoid the exchange of large amounts of money. Wait until you have settled into the hotel before going to the bank or exchange dealing. Just change the amount that will cover the cost of taxis and a few extra expenses.

Before entering a taxi, take note of its number plate. Once inside, try to make a call to someone. Inform the friend of the taxi plate number and that you are on your way to meet them. Make sure that the driver hears you loud and clear. Do the same, if it feels like someone is following you.

This will discourage bad intentions, if they know you can call for help. This brings us to the importance of a phone. You must have one because you simply do not know when you will need to use it. If you do not have one with you, at least have something that resembles one. Better use some accessory that nothing at all.

When in your hotel room, never open the door to anyone you don\’t know. Inviting someone in the room is also a big no no. Avoid using stairs, especially at night, as it is the perfect place for a surprise attack.

You may not have considered this, but a tampon box is the ideal place to store your valuables. You can be sure that no one wants to see what\’s inside. Allow at least a couple of layers to cover whatever is hidden inside. Your bra is another good place to store your money. Bras with removable cookie pads are the ideal type, as you can just put the money inside the pad pockets.

Some tips to prevent someone approaching you be surprise: a gold ring on your finger often does the job but if you have one, a bag or jacket on the chair beside you and in front of you should drive the point home. If you take the train or bus, sit in the aisle seat and place the bag or jacket on the window seat.

Do not hesitate to call the police or the nearest security guard if you feel your safety or security is threatened. Many attacks occur because the victims do not seek help when they had the chance.

As a female traveling alone, you must be extremely vigilant to stay safe. sexual predators and offenders are waiting for the moment when your guard is down before attacking.

So, always be aware of your surroundings and keep a watchful eye on anything questionable.

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