When traveling on an air line there is some very important facts that you must take under consideration when you travel by air. Pets that may have to be properly dosed with the use of tranquilizers at ground level may be overly sedated at altitude. The mechanism of death as it relates to sedation and air travel is not completely worked out. Knowing this fact you just might want to talk to Vet for sure about what meds to use as well as dosage, but it is always better to be cautious. There are many different types and shapes and sizes as well of pet carriers that will help keep your pet safe and in a secure environment.

You can go on the web and most diffidently find the web’s largest selection of both luxury and practical pet carriers for dogs, cats and other small animals. Pet stores, Web sites, breeders, and kennels usually sell cages that meet these requirements. You can contact the airlines, and also there are some airlines also that will sell cages that they prefer you to use.

While you are traveling please keep a check on the cat often during the trip to be sure he or she is not vomiting or in distress. Also when you are traveling be sure that your carrier has large opened sides for air circulation and it does not become overheated, as the temperature may be hotter in the carrier than in the rest of the vehicle. Check with your airline to get a recommendation for when you should arrive for your flight. The air lines will give you the correct information as to do’s and don’t about air travel. (NOTE) Basically airline would much rather you keep your pet home were it is safe, and not on the flight.
The airline is really concerned about the health and the welfare of your pet and they only want what is best for everyone.  As cat owners we have to understand that our cat is very territorial animal, and it’s extremely stressful for them to be taken away from their territory. Believe it’s or not it is not at all uncommon for cats that are traveling with their people while under stress try and succeed in escaping and then they get completely lost.

Finally and one of the most important things is, all cats whether on the go or staying and being homebodies, need to have microchips. This process is a very simple to have done after all, they are really part of the family and our love ones! I know your thinking “why me I have an inside cat”, but if and when he does get out you will be glad you did.

Offer small amounts of water until an hour before travel. Depending on the length of the trip, water bowls can be left in the carrier or not offer water and a little food although it may not be interested in eating until it settles in a little more.

We hope that this has giving you some idea as to traveling on an airline with your pet weather it is a cat or even a dog.