If you are planning to book Flights to Brazil, here are a few tips you must know:

Unlike other countries round the globe, where capital is the magnet and hub of top airlines and international arrivals, Brazil’s busiest city is Rio De Jeneiro. Flights to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil are mostly taken from Rio or Sao Paulo.
The concentration of more tourists is directed to Rio De Jeneiro and mostly, low cost airlines offer cheap flights to Rio De Jeneiro as the city is immensely popular for introducing Brazilian carnival worldwide and is laced with multi-attractions throughout its longitude.
The oldest city and business district in Brazil is Sao Paulo and therefore it is the second city after Rio for which you should always opt for advance reservation as last minutes flights get too busy. Direct Flights to Sao Paulo are available with Air Tam.
The ultimate attraction of Brazil is its carnival, however it has also emerged as a world’s most affordable and bachelor tourism destination. Therefore, be prepared for a lot of bargain in fares and everything else that follows.
The best time to book flights to Brazil and if you are flying from anywhere in the UK or Ireland; book your flights in a low season i.e., when there are no government or national holidays within sight. Trends show, flights get more expensive before July and December.
If you are a first timers in Brazil or you want a multicentre holiday, it’s better to call up and check fares for Sao Paulo as well as Rio separately. At times one can be cheaper than the other.
At local airports, bus stations and waiting rooms look for the tap with the cylindrical filter attached. In most places, you may not find clean tap water.
Vaccination against yellow fever and taking anti-malaria medication may be necessary if you are traveling to central-western (Mato Grosso) or northern (Amazon) regions.
If you’re arriving from Peru, Colombia or Bolivia, proof of yellow fever vaccination is required before you enter Brazil.
Some countries, such as Australia and South Africa, will require evidence of yellow fever vaccination before allowing you enter the country if you have been in any part of Brazil within the previous week.