Did you know that you can have the travel agent make all the arrangements for your trip? But, even if you aren’t an Internet “guru”, you can still book your own airline tickets online and save yourself the cost of additional booking fees charged by travel agents. Read on for tips on booking air travel over the Internet.

Step 1: Firstly, survey a variety of websites. If you book a flight to a popular city, most likely you will have a variety of airlines to choose from. You should shop around before buying an airline ticket since each airline offers a different fare. The best thing is you are never restricted to internet airlines. There are several websites available that will do your comparison shopping for you, when it comes to airline travel. With such a variety available, it pays to shop around, in order to find the best schedule and rate to suit your needs. The following are a few websites to consider when booking your flights:http://www.travelocity.com/ ?http://www.expedia.com/ ?http://www.lowfares.com/

Step 2: Take the time to compare flights at different times and with different carriers. Try to find the cheapest flight on-line. The details of the flight are very important, make sure that you don’t just glance at them. How much time between the connections (consider the times you will have to wait between airports and flights). If you have to, will you have enough time to pick up luggage and recheck it? You should consider the connections you’re making and make certain they are necessary. While having connecting flights might save you money, they can also put more stress and a downer on your vacation even before it starts. Remember too that it is necessary to reach the airport 2 hours or more before your plane is set to take off. Will you have to keep getting up at night? Further, think about the luggage requirements. Some airlines currently allow only one piece of luggage (within a certain weight restriction), while others may charge you for each piece you check. You may believe you’ve found the best flight price but don’t forget to factor in hidden fees, wait times, travel times and other nuisance factors. By booking a more convenient flight, it may cost more money but sometimes it’s worth the extra money.

Step 3: Finalising the booking procedure. You’ll be impressed with how simple it is to book your airline tickets online. When you know which flight you want to take, all you have to do is fill in the information the website requires. You should be expected to provide information that is considered to be basic, your name, your address and your citizenship. Next, you must make sure that the particulars of your air travel are correct (this is really important) and provide payment for the flight. Before you put in your credit card details, be certain that you are content with the flight you choose, since you might not be able to change or cancel your air travel reservations. Purchase insurance without fail if there is the slightest chance that your vacation plans may not remain the same. After you’ve paid for your flight, you’ll see a confirmation page containing any important booking and telephone numbers you might need (in the event that you must alter your plans). Click “Print this page”! When you get your email confirming your booking, be sure to print it. Travel documents should be kept in a safe place until your departure day. You will want to have these with you on your trip.