The most expensive part of travel to Cambodia and indeed any international destination is the price of the airplane ticket. This is particularly true for Cambodia which doesn’t have a direct destination link with major airlines based out of the South East Asia catchment area. However the introduction of online airline booking systems has made the costs to travelers more competitive. It is now possible to receive  price comparisons from over 100 different airlines in a matter of minutes. The arrival of budget airlines in the South East Asia area has also made the market more competitive and offered more assistance to the budget traveler.

With the cost of internal air travel in Cambodia expensive the budget traveler will be seeking out alternate forms of transport. Cambodia fortunately has very efficient bus services utilizing the country’s modern highway system. Where is your favorite destination point in Cambodia? Is it Siem Reap in the north to view the majestic Angkor temples? Is it the coastal region to the south including the port and beaches of Sihanoukville on the Gulf of Thailand? Or is it the lesser known town of Kratie on the Mekong River where you’ll be able to sight the Irrawaddy dolphins? All these destinations are a 5 to 6 hour bus trip from the capital city; Phnom Penh.The International Airport at Phnom Penh is the busiest airport in Cambodia and is the first port of call for most travelers.

All long distance bus services in Cambodia operate during daylight hours. With buses setting out as early as 7 am travelers have enough time to enjoy the sights after reaching their travel destination without losing a entire day on traveling

In this part of South East Asia, Cambodia offers cheap accommodation. It is possible to stay in clean, guesthouse accommodation from as low as US$4 per night. US dollars as well as Cambodian riel’s are the accepted currencies in this country. For the budget traveler these accommodation prices represent great value as generally accommodation is the most expensive cost after air travel.

The low local cost of living is reflected in the price of food. It is possible to get an excellent, nourishing meal for under $2 from street vendors. By simply following locals to where they go to eat, travelers will save money by not needing to pay expensive restaurant prices. There needs to be no excuse to put off travelling to Cambodia as it would qualify as one of the World’s most affordable travel destinations amidst some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.