Author: Erika Bloom Sun Jan 6, 2008

To Combat Disparaging Symptoms of Flying

The excitement that we get at the prospect of travel – from vacation to new and exotic places, to traveling to visit loved ones – can easily be defeated once the reality of cramped quarters, stale air, sneezing neighbors and monotonous sitting sets in. While you may not be able to control your seating assignment, you can drastically improve the quality of your flight – with a few simple techniques to restore energy and hydration. Erika Bloom of Erika Bloom Pilates Plus offers intriguing tips and in-flight exercises to help you land rested, relaxed, refreshed and ready to start your vacation. Don’t let the flight damper your spirits – follow a few simple exercises and arrive at your destination refreshed and re-energized.


When I’m on a flight, I always try to combat dehydration by ordering hot water with lemon instead of a dehydrating caffeinated or alcoholic beverage, or sugary juice or soda. As I’m drinking it, I allow the steam from the cup to rise over my face and breathe it in. The steam moisturizes my skin, and my airways and hydrates my body. Dehydration, along with the pressure changes during flight, hinders the urinary and digestive systems from properly eliminating toxins; in addition to drying out your skin. Hot water with lemon soothes and hydrates your outsides and your insides!


When my flight lands I combat puffiness with this refreshing routine: Apply your favorite eye cream around the eyes. Wet a washcloth with very cold water. Lie down and place the folded cloth over your eyes. Take long, deep breaths!


Simple and effective in-flight stretches – you don’t even need to leave your seat!

1) Exercise: Seated ‘#4’ Stretch

Muscles Targeted: glutes and piriformus

How To: Sit tall and cross one leg over the other into an open crossed leg position so that your ankle rests on the opposite thigh and you have created a ‘#4’ shape with your legs. Allow the knee on the top leg to drop open. Slowly tip your torso forward from the hip joints, maintaining a lengthened, supported spine until you feel a stretch in the back of the hip. Relax into the stretch and breathe deeply while holding for 5-10 breaths. Switch legs to repeat on the opposite side.

2) Exercise: Shoulder Circles

Muscles Targeted: relieves shoulder and upper back tension

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