Flight tickets are considered to be the most demanded ones in the recent days. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of flights in the last 2 years primarily because of the increase in the number of people who prefer travelling by flight. There are several kinds of air tickets that have been introduced by the airline companies. Here, we can have a short discussion about several kinds of air tickets.

Based on the comfort level and expectation of the passengers who board the flight, there has been the classification of air tickets. The general classification which is present common among all airline providers is the economy class air ticket and the business class air ticket. The economy class air ticket is pretty cheap and has the required things for a smooth journey. There is no provision of food for free; only a welcome drink is given. This is generally preferred for short distance travels. The business class air ticket is for the elite group which gives meals and other luxury facilities and is suited for the long distance travel.

Air tickets of budgeted rate are also available before 6 months from the date of journey. When there is a proper planning involved, one can go ahead and book these tickets and save a lot of money. The air tickets are now available online in the internet where one can make the bookings as per their wish. The payment for these air tickets can also be made online. The technological development has gone to the extent that one can not only book air tickets but also get the boarding pass and book for a seat as per their choice online. There are also the options of rescheduling these air tickets according to our comfort but before a certain notice period. Thus, with this flexibility only, there is huge bookings and travel made by the people through flights.