If you are looking for someone to air freight your goods safely and securely then you should be looking to London Logistics. London logistics operates from South African, Johannesburg, but delivers worldwide and has become known as one of the most reliable, safest freighting companies.

London Logistics are serious about their job as a freight company and understand the trust that goes with it; because of this you can rest assure that your cargo is safe with London Logistics, as are your private details. London Logistics promise to meet the international standards of personal privacy and protection, as required of the Data Protection Law. Air freight has always been a transportation position that is of high importance and typically of high value that is often used for time sensitive products. Two advantages of sending something via air freight is the inventory control and the cash flow that is utilized by Air Freight services.

London Logistics service operators now cover all the worldwide destinations on a regular schedule. This means that air freight costs are determined by the size and weight of your item. London Logistics utilise the most of the world’s commercial airlines making their infrastructure links well spread and easily accessible. London Logistics are happy to discuss any needs and advise you may require on the best course of action to take for what you wish to be air freighted. London Logistics is able to accommodate anything from small packages, office equipment, heavy plant machinery and industrial equipment. They are a company who will go the extra mile for their clients offering them the benefit of tailored packages to match their individual needs and timescales.

London Logistics has been delivering good safely since 1998 and has established an outstanding reputation to go with it, contact London Logistics to see what they can do to get your goods to where you need them to be, safely.