Cheap air tickets are easy to grab if you keep these few tips and tricks in your mind. Every airline company aims to earn more and more money. So, they are going to display the cheap air tickets out front, so you require knowing about how to find these gold mines on your own.

There are some basic rules that I myself use on a regular basis in order to make my destination as inexpensive as possible.

Book your tickets as early as possible. 14 days in advance is considered wise. After this cost of air tickets increase almost double and getting a cheap airline ticket becomes almost impossible. Be thoroughly flexible with your travel time. Altering the day or the time of travel can drastically reduce the cost of your flight. Best day to fly is Wednesday and cheapest time to travel is early morning and late evening. Also flying during off seasons is a great way to secure low cost tickets. The moment the demand goes down, prices also goes down, which is a huge benefit for flyers. Make as point to shop all the airlines. This is most important. Checking various airlines simultaneously can introduce you to those cheap air fares you are after. Membership with some clubs can result in huge savings. Consider air travel packages. Buying your air travel, hotel as well as rental car through the same place usually gives great discounts. Using some known website like can let you grab low cost airline tickets as well as hotels from the same place in just few fractions of seconds. Indirect flights are another way of saving hundreds of dollars in air fares.

The cost of airline tickets is a result of neck to neck competition, demand and inventory. Competition here is how airlines compete with each other. Inventory implies the number of available seats and demand is number of people looking for airline tickets. Selecting a least crowded flight that is least in demand can get you a cheap airline ticket. It’s that simple!

So, there are plenty of ways to secure better prices. You can surely save a hefty amount of money if you choose a good travel services website and best time and day of flying. This is much easier in practice on all well set up websites where you can compare all the airlines simultaneously. Best of Luck for your best airfare deal!