Everyone used one or other means of transport to go from one place to another. Air travel is a form of travel using an airplane. Most of the people want to travel by plane in their life, as it is fun as well new experience.


Different airlines have there own rules and regulations in their airlines. After 9/11 terrorist attacks airline security increased dramatically at all airports. Although security measures vary by airport and airline as it is decided by airlines. Whenever you decided to travel with any airline you have to check the new TSA and airline rules as it helps in knowledge of basic rights in case of bumping and flight cancellations.

Travel with toddlers

If you traveling with a toddler you may know the facts that are valuable and important, as traveling with a toddler is a stressful fact. You have to worry about how they feel and behave and the others around you react. This has to be especially true for toddlers with all their newfound skills for running and talking and moving about a confined space, teeming with unfamiliar faces and surroundings do not sound ideal. So traveling with a toddler definitely presents its challenges, but planning ahead may give you at least a chance at a smooth flight.

Complications with air traveling

Flight cancellations and flight delays are generally seems nuisance for passengers. The cancellation of flights is not guaranteed. Generally, the airlines will try to accommodate you on the next available flight. If you ask, they may also try to schedule you on another airline. If you don’t ask you’ll just have to wait. Airlines routinely overbook their flights. Even if you have a reservation for a seat there is no guarantee you will be aboard when the plane takes off.