A nature adventure travel will provide you the best of entertainment and excitement. However, you need to choose the destination carefully. The destination should suit your specific taste, budget and requirements. This will make your nature adventure trip enjoyable and memorable. Here is a list of some of the top nature adventure tour destinations in the world. Study these carefully and plan your adventure tour accordingly.

a) Madagascar:

When it comes to wildlife, this place comes in the top list. It is a prize-winning destination to all those who want to experience the best of nature adventure travel tour. You would be able to see different kinds of frogs, lemur and chameleon.

b) Great Barrier Reef:

This place witnesses around 1.8 million visitors each year. The place is referred to as world heritage site which is the largest structure on earth built by living organisms and desenes its place within the top ten rankings of adventure sites in this world.

c) Polar Bear Trek:

Polar Bear Trek is considered to be a great predator. You would be pleased to see this amazing animal within its natural habitat. There are very few of then left these days due to the global warming threat and constant change in the climate. This is the biggest bear available in this world.

d) Tiger safari:

You can enjoy tiger safari via sitting on the back of an elephant in one of the India’s National Park. The experience is awesome.

e) Whale watching:

This would prove to be a great experience for you. You would be able to communicate with the animal via good whistles and squeaks.

f) Wildebeest Migration:

You should definitely try this one if you want to experience the true taste of an adventure travel. This is considered to be the biggest mass migrations across the globe. You would be able to see predators such as the hyena, lion, crocodile and cheetah feasting while the migration takes place through their territory.

g) Swim with wild Dolphins:

Dolphins are beautiful creatures. Having an opportunity to swim with them is real adventure. People who had an experience in this kind of an event; usually like to come back to the place to experience the thrill once more. Dolphins enjoy human company and you would love the company of this wonderful animal.

All the natural adventure options mentioned above will provide you the best of enjoyment and thrill.