Chennai is one of the biggest and most modern cities in India. When planning on booking cheap flights to Chennai, you should know a few important travel tips. These travel tips will be very useful in making your Chennai vacation fun and stress-free. Keeping them in mind as you take your cheap flights to Chennai will also ensure that you have a safe vacation while in Chennai.

Before booking cheap flights to Chennai, you must know the best time to take your trip. Chennai is located on the southeast coast and has a tropical climate. The weather for most part of the year is humid and hot. There is an even distribution of rainfall throughout the year. The best time to book cheap flights to Chennai is between the months of November and February. These months are what are considered to be winter months in Chennai. It is the best time to book cheap flights to Chennai because the weather is very cool and pleasant during these months. It is not as humid and hot as the rest of the year in Chennai. There is also occasional rainfall at this time so bring along an umbrella before you board your cheap flights to Chennai. There is no need to bring thick winter clothes because the temperature does not go below 20 degrees Celsius.

The mode of transportation is also a very important piece of information that every tourist should know before booking cheap flights to Chennai. The good news is that Chennai has a very effective transport system for commuting around the city. There are various modes of transportation in Chennai the most popular of which are the moped, motorcycle and scooter. They are also the most affordable and convenient mode of transportation in the city. The bus is the major mode of transport in Chennai and is run by the Metropolitan Transport Corporation run by the government. There are bus routes all over the city as well as the suburbs. The most popular transportation for tourists exploring the city is the taxi. They are more practical when you are travelling long distance as a group. Taxi fare is based on the distance travelled. Chennai also has a railway network that connects the city to the suburbs. Before getting on your cheap flights to Chennai you can also make reservations for a car rental to use while exploring the sights in the city.