There are some rules and regulations that regulate shipping your dog by air. You are responsible for knowing and complying with these rules and regulations. Remember, you will have to get your dog ready for air transport and ensure your dog’s health and safety. Some dogs are not fit for air travel. When Shipping Dogs, Air Freight or normally, conditions vary. The cargo bay of an airplane will be a stressful place for your dog so make sure to only transport or ship your healthy dog by air. Before considering Shipping Dogs, Air Freight or by road, make sure not to ship your dog by air if they area puppy (under 8 weeks old), ill, injured and aggressive dogs. When looking at charges for Shipping Dogs, Air Freight need a lot of documentation to be considered. Your chosen airline should be able to inform you what kind of documentation is required to ship/transport your dog by air. Most of the airlines will ask for healthy and vaccination certificates from you. You can get these papers from your veterinarian but you have to make sure to check with your airline about the time requirements. If you would not be able to acquire this entire document, then I guess there would be an additional charge on Shipping Dogs, Air Freight charges applying. There are most airlines that require that the documents must be signed in no more than 10 days before the flight.

The first thing you have to need when shipping your dog is an appropriate kennel. You have to make sure that you bought a kennel large enough to allow your dog to sit, stand up and turn around and also to lie down comfortably. These are all part in dealing with Shipping Dogs, Air Freight or by road. If your dog is travelling along with you inside the cabin not in the cargo bay, the kennel should be able to fit underneath your seat. Obviously, this is the only appropriate for very small dogs and not a good idea for big dogs. You have to make sure that you also pack these items with your dog like the collar and ID tags, a leash, and a serving of your dog’s regular food. In paying for Shipping Dogs, Air Freight usually takes then to your destination and therefore your contact information must be considered.

When you arrive for departure, you have to make sure that it must arrive well ahead of time. You will need some more time to go through the process of making your pet as cargo, but don’t arrive too early! The earlier you arrive, the longer your dog will be held with cargo. Mostly, airlines are giving suggestions that must arrive no earlier than three hours in advance. These are all part of paying for Shipping Dogs, Air Freight or any other transport. Before you head to the airport, you must find out where the cargo area of the airport is located. You are not allowed to check your dog as regular luggage, so you will have to take him or her to the loading dock. Many good companies offer services of Shipping Dogs, Air Freight mainly suggested, in fact for all the pet shippings. Shipping Dogs, Air Freight charges may vary on the size. Also, when Shipping Dogs, Air Freight charges vary from the distance it would take you to ship your dogs.