The Phillipines has been an exotic tourist destination for a while now. Little wonder then that the flight tickets to get there can be extremely high. Often you spend more on your flight tickets that you would for a few days of vacationing. There are however, several ways in which you can get cheap flights to Manila. All you need to do is plan a bit in advance and use your prowess when it comes to online research.

The first thing you need to do is decide as early ahead as possible. This is especially if you have fixed dates for flying. The earlier you book your tickets the cheaper you will get them. A rule of thumb is to try and book tickets 3 weeks in advance. Next try and book your onward and return destination tickets separately. This way you can make use of any offers that may be one for each of your flying dates. Always try and book package deals with airlines that offer you bargain deals for to and fro flights. Club in a hotel booking and taxi as well and you work out a good deal for yourself.

If your dates are flexible, then the first thing you need to do is check the calender for your destination. Do not book tickets on holidays in that country, the tickets will be more expensive. Also steer clear from flying on weekends when the demand is highest as are the prices. Try and make your trip on a Tuesday or Wednesday when the flights to Manila are comparitively cheaper.

When searching for tickets online look through as many aggregator sites as possible. If you find tickets for your destination are not available with an airline of your choice, then call them up. Websites are only given a quota of the tickets and the airlines themselves will be able to give you a better deal. Always try and book yourselves on low-budget airlines for short haul flights. This works especially if you are travelling to Manila from a closer destination. The key to getting cheap flights to Manila is in the planning.