Reggae is an annual international media festival. It is held to celebrate Jamaica’s rich culture, history of quality music and its global cultural impact as well. Overseas media including radio and Internet radio from Africa to America, Asia to Australia, Europe to Latin America, and the Caribbean participated in this year’s event. If you are interested in Reggae music and take flights to Kingston to join this music fare it will enhance your love and passion for Jamaican music and introduce you to the many flavors of global Reggae culture. Andrea Davis, the founder and producer of this music festival stated that this virtual media festival is intended to use the power of music, media and technology to link people around the world, and in fact millions of people take cheap flights to Kingston Jamaica to join this event while other listen to this show on internet.

This festival not only depicts Jamaican culture but also highlight the global reggae culture grown out of Jamaican culture. This event is in fact a charity show sponsoring few Jamaican social welfare organizations including; Alpha Boys’ School, Bob Marley Foundation, Shaggy Foundation and Toots Foundation. This festival has got much popularity with the passage of time that crowds of visitors take with cheap flights to Kingston to attend this fare and learn about Jamaican culture. This year’s festival was a fantastic one and people were allowed to participate by playing reggae and drinking Red Stripe beer, planting a tree and donating to a Jamaican charity. This event was first celebrated in1994.

This is not the only festival you can enjoy by taking cheap flights to Kingston Jamaica. Kingston celebrates festivals throughout the year. These festivals feature entertainment, music, culture, and spectacle hours of other entertainment activities. Its interesting thing to know that each month a new event is celebrated in Jamaica. The festivals visitors taking cheap flights to Kingston from UK like to attend include; The National Festival of the Arts, Jamaican Independence Day Celebrations, Port Antonio International Fishing Tournament, and Jonkanoo festival. Whatever is your interest you will get something to enjoy there