A holiday is an important time to refresh, and travelling to different parts of the globe is one good option. It is what you work for and owe yourself. Travellers planning to go to foreign countries for business, education, holiday… get a lot of exposure to new mindsets, lifestyle, preferences… While you have meticulously planned every aspect of a trip, there are still chances of things going awry due to events beyond your control an injury or unforeseen emergencies. Travellers can be financially ruined if they are not covered under a proper insurance plan. To avoid such financial disasters travellers can purchase TATA-AIG travel insurance is one of the well known insurance companies in India who offer a wide range of travel insurance policies at affordable premium cost. It can protect you against financial loss if you are forced to cancel, delay, or interrupt your vacation. In special cases like non-refundable travel such as airfare, hotel, and tour expenses, a travel insurance could also be relied upon to help you.

Travellers can get coverage up to benefit maximum of US$50,000, US$2,00,000 and US$5,00,000 depending on the plan chosen. TATA AIG Travel insurance provides reliable travel insurance coverage. Travelling, be it for business or for leisure, exposes you to many risks: personal accidents, hospitalisation in unfamiliar locations, lost baggage, baggage delay and even lost passports Tata AIG travel insurance has designed travel insurance policies for the travellers making domestic and international travel. Moreover, a travel insurance could also aid you against loss due to medical emergencies, damage to personal property, and even a death that may occur while you’re on a vacation. TATA AIG travel insurance plans are available for travellers going to America, Asian Countries or Travelling within India. Insurance plans are available with effective medical coverage and affordable premium cost.

Most of our customers buy Tata AIG travel insurance from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.. for parents or family travelling from India. Travellers can use international credit cards or Indian debit cards for purchasing. On completing the travel insurance application and purchase using a credit card, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of the insurance for visitors from India policy. The issued TATA AIG Insurance policy along with claims procedure and relevant documents will be emailed to the ID provided in the application. The policy will also be couriered to the Indian address in the application if requested. Insurance customers can choose the plan and purchase quickly.