Orlando, located in Florida, USA is world renowned for its state-of-the-art theme parks, specifically the Walt Disney World. The city, which attracts a number of visitors each year, has many other tourist attractions that are enjoyable.

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There are several premier tourist attractions in Orlando, which include Cypress Gardens, the first ever theme park in the State of Florida that has over thirty six rides and innumerable number of entertaining shows to select from. There is the Magic Kingdom, one of the four parks included in Disney World, and Disney’s MGM Studios, a special theme park offering a unique blend of live shows and behind the scene studio tours clubbed with exciting rides. Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a brawny nature theme is another recent addition to Orlando’s Disney World. The Epcot Center, also a part of Disney World, portrays more of an educational edge merged with interactive exhibits and exhilarating shows and rides. There is also Downtown Disney, which is a complex open only during evening hours and comprises of a vast array of entertainment areas. One of the best water parks in Orlando is Wet ‘n’ Wild where children can enjoy the most. Another tourist spot that draws people from all ages is the SeaWorld, the sister park of Busch Gardens, which displays regular shows all through the day that feature sea mammals, including the Shamu Killer Whale show. Audience attending the sea mammals’ show find it very interesting as trained mammals exhibit their distinctive and remarkable talent. Overall, Orlando city is an all-in-one entertainment package that attracts tourists from all over the world.