There is no denying how popular Washington is in terms of a travel destination. It’s a political hotspot as well as a popular tourist destination. If you are looking for cheap flights to Washington, there are a few basic facts that you will have to keep in mind. For starters, Washington is serviced by three airports – these are the Dulles International, Washington National and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The influx at each of these airports is pretty high. But a way to get cheap tickets into any one of these is to get on long haul flights that make stopovers in Washington. You pay half the fare for a long destination. When you are booking tickets choose airports that are not central to Washington. This may mean a bit more travelling by train or bus, but it ensures that you save a sizable amount to spend when on vacation. Once you land at any one of these airports, you are around an hour away from Washington and its sights.

When booking tickets online for a popular destination like Washington, its best to do on so between Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is when tickets are at their cheapest. Weekends are often blocked by tourists who want long vacations. Monday mornings are the preserve of businessmen wrapping up a weekend of work or starting the work week in Washington. As a tourist, it would be best for you to look through as many travel aggregator sites as possible. This will give you a fair idea of the kind of rates going on and where you can get yourself a good deal.

When booking your flights, narrow down on the airline of your choice. Look at the offers they provide in terms of package deals for travel, stay, food and travel with the city. As a tourist you can save a huge amount booking this way. Also don’t just bank on Internet based searches. Call up the airline themselves and check on what better offers they can give. This are some of the simplest and best ways to cheap flights to Washington. Planning your trip at least a month in advance also helps.