United Kingdom is one of the most leading locations for business as well tourism in the world. Millions of people around the world travel to UK every day and the search is always on for the cheapest flight to UK. The following are some of the major airports in the UK:

1. Heathrow International Airport (London, England)

2. Manchester Airport (Manchester, England)

4. Glasgow International Airport (Glasgow, Scotland)

5. Edinburgh Airport (Edinburgh, Scotland)

6. Belfast International Airport (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

7. Cardiff International Airport (Cardiff, Wales)

Out of this Heathrow Airport is not only the most busies airport in UK but also across the globe. With many of hundreds of flights coming to UK it is not an easy job to find out which is the cheap flight to UK. You must have a lot patience to go through the list of flight which goes to UK from where you live , then compare all of them and to choose the cheap flight to UK among hundreds of options.

The following are some of the ways to arrive at a cheap flight to UK:

1. To get a cheap flight to UK you must plan in advance and book at least a couple of months earlier. As you UK is one of the top most countries in the world for business getting a cheap flight to UK within a couple of months from the departure date is almost impossible.  Since people some times are ready pay a lot for a ticket to UK its better you plan in advance and book early.

2. Consult a renowned Travel agent has they would have associations with various airlines. They would be aware of practically all the flights which would go to London from the place live and they can easily guide to get a cheap flight to UK. It is not easy for a common man to have an in depth knowledge of all the flight to UK, as there are lots, even with the help of internet.

3. Avoid traveling during holidays and weekend as the airfares anywhere in the world are quite expensive and more so in the UK. Especially holiday seasons like Christmas, Easter etc should be avoided if you are thinking about a cheap flight to UK.

4. be flexible when you plan a holiday to UK. Vacation in the UK is an expensive affair so if can save a couple of hundred dollars it would be a big relief for you. There some times if you booked a flight to London say on Sunday you might get a cheap flight to UK on Monday, in such cases you need to how flexibility to take opportunities in both hands.

5. One good thing about UK is the number of Airports. So you must do research on whether the place UK which are trying to travel has any other airport in its vicinity. If there are any airports in its vicinity and you are getting a cheap flight to UK to that airport then you can book a flight to that airport and can travel to the actual place by road or any other means.