One of the sights imaginable is Alas Kedaton monkey. Still a single lane with Bedugul and Tanah Lot. In this location, the population of monkeys there are about 300’s tail and very tame. They live free diareal surrounding forest. Alas Kedaton amid the forest, there is a temple who once used by King Bali ascetic IX century.
Entering the area Kedaton Alas, the tourists will be escorted by local mothers as guidenya. They are the traders who have a souvenir toko2 around these attractions. There is a pretty good rule of who I see among the traders TSB. They have a queue number to be brought around to see a herd monkey turis2 imaginable they will invite guests stop in their store and tried to offer

merchandise such as t-shirts, negligee, panties, etc.. Since this is their turn, so who else should not be offered merchandise. Orderly and fair enough, so all can turn to earn a fortune. Oh well, mothers are more comfortable if the visitors want to buy his wares than the tips given on merit nganterin. The reason why trade well, as a lawyer-selling …
Back to the monkey. Here we can give this kera2 who fed on peanuts sold for Rp.1.000.-/pax.

Going to be surrounded by monkeys. Neh everywhere, never held a monkey head monkey apalage. Loh … He’s going to be fierce. If we dinaikin monkeys, easy kok. Ajah squat, then the monkey will come down instinctively. For the Balinese, dinaikin monkey is a blessing … rejekinya going smoothly. In Kedaton Alas there is also a group who really big bats hanging in the tree. Usually they were in the big tree behind the temple. If not satisfied still a tough bat yesteryear, near the parking lot there are a few bats who can be tamed and taken photographs