Haiti is called many people as a tough competitor of the Caribbean. The two countries are competing under the conditions of a palm-lined beach that is very soothing, though this is not the only attraction of Haiti. Precisely what is the allure of Haiti is the history that once used as slavery, a lot of historical sites. Like at Citadelle Laferriere, which is a historical site and also a major landmark in Haiti. Citadelle Laferriere is very unique, because it is an old fort built on the top of a large mountain so this place used as a historical heritage by UNESCO.

Petionville, a fairly popular neighborhood in Port-au-prince is located in the nation’s capital. Here you can take a few hours to eat at the Restaurant, or shopping. You can also find many modern conveniences making it easy for you to visit places of interest.

Other places you can visit Cap-Haitien, which is one of Haiti’s favorite tourist attractions. Because in this place a lot of historic buildings are very beautiful. Because this place was founded by the French during their colonial era

In addition to historical sites, in Haiti are also many islands with beautiful beaches. You can surf at some of the attractions such as Port-Salut Haiti, Port-au Prince, Labadee Haiti Beach, Wahoo Bay Beach, Saint Marc Beach (scuba diving), Kyona Beach, and many others. You can also do flying fox in Dragon ‘Breath. Here you will feel the sensation of flying fox with the beautiful sea view and the edge of the beach. You can slide from a height of 152 meters above the sea. This place is the longest flying fox in the coastal region of the Caribbean. The length of the track is about 792 m with a maximum speed of up to 50km / jam.

There are many other interesting places you can visit in Haiti