Dominia is also famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches. Its population is a mixed majority of Europe and Africa, and a small part is migrants from Haiti. Tropical appearance. So do not be surprised if Dominica has many beautiful beaches, such as the beach of Bani Dunes, Barahona. On this beach there are many dazzling white sand dunes stretching along the coastline. In addition there is also Punta Cana beach that became a favorite honeymoon destination for couples who just had. The stretch of white sand along the beach, the blue sea, the not-too-big wave is a suitable and romantic atmosphere to be able to relax on this beach with your partner.

In addition to the beach, you can also visit the grandeur of the presidential palace in Palacio National which became the official residence of the Dominican president. This building has decorative furniture made of mahogany wood, gold and a lot of paintings by Dominican painters. You can also visit El Salto del Limon Waterfall, Fortaleza Ozama Museum, La Basilica de Higuey church and many other interesting spots you can visit in Dominica.