Similar to other oceania countries, Fiji also presents a beach that is not less beautiful. No wonder if the tourists also favored Fiji as the best place in the world to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature under the sea is very fascinating. Fiji is also famous as the capital of the World Coral Reef. This is because the tourists will easily find a variety of rocks and cliffs that can be used to make the jump for the divers. Not only that, you can do activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming and others. Many divers world enjoy the sensation of diving in Fiji is very fantastic. One of the places you must visit is TurleĀ  Island. The island is frequented by world’s superstars, one of them being Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears. Not only on vacation, they also make this place to honeymoon with their partner.

If you are a lover of underwater scenery and love diving, then you can choose Fiji as your next destination.