Most Indonesian people may not really know the Raja Ampat and the wealth of what the district is situated at the western end of West Papua Province.

If the name of Papua, which occurred in the minds of most people of Indonesia must be people with a culture that is still very simple, distinctive clothing (koteka) and the price of basic necessities are expensive.

But not so, especially now Papua West Papua Province which consists of 14 districts that are far different, because it continues to improve itself to build the infrastructure to provide convenience for anyone who wanted to travel to West Papua.

One of the districts in West Papua who continue to “stretch” is the Raja Ampat Islands, although the newly inaugurated May 9, 2003, the area continues to “roll up sleeves” to build a variety of facilities and infrastructure, especially infrastructure.

When going to the Raja Ampat, tourists can use the ferry boat from Sorong Rp120.000 per person rate. Distance from Sorong to the beach Waisai Beloved (WTC), the Raja Ampat regency between 2.5 to three hours.

Raja Ampat Islands, which has more than 610 islands and four major islands namely Pulau smalldam, Misool Island, Island and Island Batanta Salawati was composed of 17 districts, so the potential for the main purpose of the divers (diver) and also under the sea lovers. Raja Ampat likened to a “paradise” for the divers.


Recognized by the Regents of the Raja Ampat, Marcus Wanma MSI., Although not as much diver who visited the area of maritime tourism in other areas, have visited many diver-diver from abroad such as USA, Australia, Europe and Asia.

As told by Max Ammer, owner and manager of eesort Sorido Bay & Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat, most guests are foreigners. “Just started the last two years of domestic tourists visiting the resort was mainly for diving (diving),” said Max Ammer.

According to Max, who claimed to have been about 20 years in business, from visitors who stay and “diving” is only about 15 percent of the total domestic tourists.
On average every week there are 14 to 20 foreign tourists who stay and conduct diving activities, especially foreign tourists from America, Europe and Asia.

Max also admitted that he was involved with a business not only for the money but is also more preferred is an effort to conserve. Long enough to give sense to the locals about preserving the environment and nature conservation especially loved animals and wealth under the sea with huge potential.

“More importantly, we do not prohibit what they do because it could hurt, but enough to give understanding. Once I buy a turtle from the fisherman who had just returned to sea, after I pay off my turtle’s back into the sea. They got surprised, thought the turtle was released, “he said.

But then they were given the understanding that the turtles were accidentally released back in order to maintain a protected animal is not extinct, he added.

Max is also claimed by all employees who are employed in resorts, about 75 to 80 per cent are local employees, especially for the guide (dive guide). “They’ve been our training,” he added.

99 percent of foreign tourists
As told by Head of Culture and Tourism, Raja Ampat, Jusdhi Lamatenggo last week, the number of tourists visiting the Raja Ampat, nearly 99 percent come from abroad such as Europe, America and Australia.

From about 7000 tourists who come to Raja Ampat in the last year, only about 200 tourists in the country, he said.

For that, the institute continues to campaign both outside and within the country to introduce the Raja Ampat Islands in the international world. Promotions are done in addition to establishing the Office of Campaign Raja Ampat in Sanur Area Badung, Bali is also conducting Maritime Festival 2010 Raja Ampat.

The selection of Bali as an office location, according Lamatenggo, other than to get closer to a potential market is also expected to have a mutually beneficial synergy between Bali and Raja Ampat, especially the Ministry of Culture Tourism has initiated tourism “Beyond Bali”.

The program aims to flatten the development of national tourism potential that is not always rely on Bali. One target is the development of tourism in Indonesia’s eastern area, including North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat and Komodo Island, Yusdhi said at the inauguration of the campaign office in Bali recently.

Other promotions with the Raja Ampat Marine Festival held in 2010, which took place on the beach Waisai Beloved (WTC) in Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat.

Maritime Festival that lasts 3 to May 9, 2010 and is a campaign event that serves various traditional dances, competitions, such as photos and boat rowing competitions, also held a parade of traditional boats and serving various types of typical local foods such as sago.

During the Raja Ampat Islands, tourists other than “diving”, snorkeling can also see birds of paradise that was “making love” in the morning and afternoon. When tourists come visit package, in addition to diving, snorkeling is also included in the package is a visit to a bird park in the hills in the village of Hau Sawinggrai, Gam Island, Raja Ampat. At this park, besides there are too many red birds of paradise are the king parrots, cockatoos and white, red, parrot, and maleo.

According to Hussein, tour guide who is also member of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Conservation International (CI), not all visitors to the island of Gam, who traveled by speedboat about 35 minutes from Waisai it, can watch the birds of paradise as “making love”.

Above lolan tree with a height of about ten meters in the hills that visitors can see and capture the birds of paradise flying, especially with the occasional “love” above the limb.

“Not all viewers could watch, sometimes none at all flying birds but were waiting for hours in the hills,” said Hussein. Not any time can watch protected birds, because only around 6:00 a.m. to 07:00 pm CDT and the afternoon between four and five o’clock in the afternoon local time.

“That, too, with the requirement that visitors are not noisy birds of paradise so that it would menclok lolan tree branch above it,” Hussein said when that will take guests up the hill to watch the rare birds of paradise