Going abroad is no longer a dream now. With the increasing number of cheap airline tickets, free stay at home a fellow backpacker around the world, dreams can come true around the world.
All lines of expenditure endeavored to find the lowest possible, even for free.

Backpacker Backpack comes from the word, which means a backpack or rucksack. Meanwhile, people who travel with backpack called a backpacker. So the activity of a journey undertaken by the backpacker called backpacking.

Backpacker travel as synonymous with cheap travel. All lines of expenditure endeavored to find the lowest possible, even for free.

Here are tips for backpacking:

1. Find cheap airline tickets.
Search for cheap airfare information on this. If necessary, register (sign up) to a few websites so if there are cheap flight ticket promo program, you’ll be sent an e-mail.

2. Boxed Art backpack.
Try to pack and backpack short as light as possible. The reason: because it will often change places. In addition, low-cost airlines only allow bags brought into the cabin free of charge a maximum of 7 kg. So, do you bring enough clothes and essentials. An important baseball and forget about complicated than the heavy  backpack, will instead be troublesome journey.

3. Find information through the Internet, magazines, books about destinations would you go so you know exactly what you would do upon arrival.

4. Be careful and vigilant during the trip. Keep your passport, money and other valuables in a special bag and is always attached to the body. Never released in any place.

5. Do not carry anything valuable.
If you bring a notebook and gadgets, so be careful when sleeping in bed dormitory room in backpacker hostels. Use the safety box of existing facilities in these hostels to store valuables when sleeping and bathing.

6th. For female backpacker, do not wear excessive jewelry for backpacking. If necessary, jewelry pake not need it at all fishing was better than other people to do evil.