10 Budget Air Travel Tips

Traveling by air has many advantages, particularly when you go a long distance. Air travel is quick. You arrive at your destination without spending days getting there. Air travel is safe compared to driving your own car. Also, a person can arrive at his destination after a flight rested, relaxed, and ready for work or whatever comes next.

Air travel, without proper planning, can be very expensive. That is especially true now with the legacy airlines adding on every possible fee that they can come up with.

The good news is that by following some time-tested, well thought-out travel tips, you can usually do air travel for a reasonable price. The remainder of this article will include 10 budget air travel tips.

1. Be flexible.
Air fares are higher some days of the week than they are others. The time of day your plane departs can also affect the ticket price. Check out different days and times that fall within the parameters of when you can travel.

2. Check prices at discount airlines.
Southwest, JetBlue, Frontier, and Spirit are all referred to as low-cost airlines for a reason. Their ticket costs are often less. Also, they tend to either not charge a luggage fee, or the first bag is free.

3. Check on the Internet, but also talk to a travel agent.
When you do both, you can be sure you are getting the lowest possible fare.

4. Sign up to receive discount airfare e-mails.
If you type “discount air tickets” into your favorite search engine, it will list companies that will keep you aware of discounted prices by e-mail.

5. Start early to look for a good fare.
Don’t wait until the last minute to check ticket prices. You don’t have to book your ticket until you are ready, but a good price could come early.

6. Buy a vacation package.
If you are going on a trip that involves air fare, hotel, and a rental car, or airfare plus either of the other two, consider buying it all at once from the same discounter. You can usually save a significant amount.

7. Consult “name your own price” websites.
Priceline.com and hotwire.com ask how much you will pay for a ticket. There are restrictions; but, if they accept your price, you can save up to 40%.

8. Investigate flying as a courier.
A company hires you to go and uses your luggage allowance to transport time-sensitive documents or materials.

9. Check prices to alternate airports.
Large cities sometimes have more than one airport. Often other cities with an airport are near the destination that you need to reach.

10. Choose your destination based on ticket cost.
People often have a list of places they want to visit. Their travel dream is to go to and experience many different places. One travel plan is to purchase cheap tickets that are on a special promotion to a place the person would like to visit. Buy the ticket, go, enjoy it, and mark it off the list.

Buying your airline ticket as cheaply as possible will allow you to go more and do more.