While some people could really care less about wasted time and money, most others will do whatever they can to save a little of both! These travel tips come directly from us to you, these are tips that anyone can use, and they are even tips that we use! First off, when traveling, it’s absolutely essential that you map out your little journey. This doesn’t mean you have to have color coded maps or anything crazy like that. But it is important that you know your surroundings, especially if you intend on hitting all the hot spots.

Secondly, it’s important to realize that your money should be spent fairly on tickets, lodging, food, activities and anything else you might be buying such as souvenirs. Obviously you can spend your money however you like. But as a suggestion, it’s recommended that you spend as little as you can on something like flights, so you can have more money to do stuff when you get to your actual location and it doesn’t matter if you are buying cheap flights to Israel or Europe airline tickets.

Honestly, I would rather buy a cheap flight to Israel and be able to have a lot of money saved to have fun doing other things like eating and staying at a nice hotel. Maybe for you, you would rather spend more on flights and less on lodging. Plan this out beforehand! Thirdly, it’s absolutely essential that you follow the Rules Of The Traveler. What does this mean?!? Well for instance, if you travel to Greece, it’s important that you check out some safety tips and find out places you will be invited and not so invited. Also, if you visit a place such as Mexico, you may want to take your own water or a sterilization pen in order to “cleanse” the water.

The last thing you need to make sure you follow – is to bring all of your necessary documents. It’s much better to be safe than to be sorry. Most people will keep a separate wallet or pack for all of their identification such as EIN IDs, licenses, passports, visas, etc. I had a friend once that went on a trip to Canada. Simple trip. Was supposed to be really nice! He ended up losing his passport, his license and all of his other ID cards. He was stuck in Canada for a few weeks while their government figured out if he really was a US citizen or not. Nowadays they are either going to be more strict or less strict – who knows.

But I know I would rather take the steps to ensure my safe flight back to my country! Most of this stuff is common sense, but for the sake of safety, time savers and money savers they should be duly noted! To find more of these tips or to check out some prices for tickets, check out some Brooklyn travel agency websites!