Traveling does not need to put you in the poor house, just follow these 10 cheap travel tips to save money and still enjoy your vacation.

Carry Snacks With You

Buying snacks in bulk before you go and dividing them up into zip lock bags saves the cost and hassle of purchasing snack foods while traveling.

Bring Along A Water Bottle

Cheap travel tips do not need to be time consuming and inconvenient. This one is easy and simple. Just pack a nice water bottle and refill it whenever you get the chance, so you don’t have to purchase bottled water.

Look For Packages

Finding packages for services and attractions can be one of the most invaluable of all cheap travel tips. Package deals can be found on most things, from shuttle rides if you purchase round trip in advance, to hotel room rates that include free breakfast.

Walk Places

This tip can save you a lot of money and has the added benefit of allowing you to get your exercise in. It is also a great way to explore a new area.

Use Grocery Stores

Every meal does not need to be eaten at a restaurant. It can be great fun to find a grocery store and buy something from the deli and take it to a nearby park.

Bring Along Entertainment

Many people spend their time on vacation jumping from one attraction to another with no time in between. Why not bring along a book or camera and spend a day or two relaxing?

Save Extra Food

If you receive extra food on an airplane or with a meal, bring it with you so that you have a snack available and do not have to purchase one.

Go Camping

Road trips can really add up when you are staying in a hotel every night. Why not bring along a tent and spend some of the nights camping. You can alternate nights between a hotel and tent in order to avoid feeling grungy.

Plan Your Trips During Off-Times

Cheap travel tips can include staying at quality, premium places. This can be achieved through finding the times that are considered off-season and planning your trip during that time. Most hotels and attractions have times of the year when they fill up and can demand higher prices, but also times of the year when they do not get a lot of visitors and are willing to offer great deals to allure guests.

Don’t Be Afraid To Request Forgotten Items

If you forget a toothbrush or razor do not hesitate to call the front desk if you are staying at a hotel and asking for one. Most hotels have extras like this available and it saves you the money of purchasing one.

Follow these ten cheap travel tips to make your vacation cost effective and stress-free.