In this present economy, spending on vacations can put a heavy hand on your budget. But there are certain tips that can let you enjoy your trip and also save some money. For instance, you can save money on airfare by looking for round trip tickets rather than one way tickets. Booking connecting flights can also help you save a deal.

Another important aspect of travelling is food. Most of us are unaware of good places and end up taking most of the meals in the hotel we stay, which can turn out to pretty expensive. Hence a great way to save money during travel is by planning and having your meals for cheaper price outside the hotel you stay. Cooking for yourself is another option to consider as it not only helps save money, but is also fun as well.

When on vacations, we spend most of our time travelling and spend equally huge amounts on taxis. But by booking for car rentals in advance you can save big bucks.

Steve Perillo, the CEO of Perillo Tours, a travel Company that specializes in trips to Italy, hosts a travel show, where he gives a lot of useful travel trips. Pauline Frommer, an acclaimed travel expert and creator of several travel guidebooks was invited as a guest on the Steve Perillo talk show, where she shared her experiences on budget travel and also gave some tips on travelling cheap. She suggested that tourists can travel for less by trying alternative accommodations, such as private apartments, monasteries, convents, and other religious accommodations. Johnny Jet, a US based expert travel blogger also appeared as a guest on the Perillo Travel Talk Show. He is of the opinion that being friendly to the gate agents and flight attendants can ensure a smooth trip. He also gave viewers tips on how to get cheap business class and first class seats as well as information on hotel booking.

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