We know the likes of P Diddy like to party on a yacht, Elton John holds annual balls and Paris Hilton is partial to a palace party, but you don’t have to be famous or a millionaire to enjoy the greatest party on earth -a Full Moon Party in Thailand. Not for the faint hearted, this is unlike any party in the world and the most amazing way to let your hair down and celebrate being on your holidays.

So how did it all begin? It all started with a group of tourists in 1985 who, upon visiting Thailand and in particular the island of Koh Phangan, realised it had the most beautiful moon they had ever seen. To celebrate this natural wonder, they waited until the next Full Moon and hosted a party along the beach of Haad Rin. The party remained an almost ‘secret’ and was only open to those invited, creating a much more intimate atmosphere and vibe than there is today. Word of mouth soon made it one of the reasons many tourists choose cheap flights to Thailand.

From its humble beginnings, the parties soon grew to what they are today, with thousands of people in attendance every month. International DJs get the party started with every genre of music, from dance to drum n bass, to techno and many revellers cover themselves in UV paint to add to the party atmosphere. There are many small tables on the beach for you to take a break or meet friends on plus many bars and restaurants line the beach. If you’re not staying on the island, it is advisable to book accommodation there for the night or alternatively, there are regular boats running four times a night from Bophut and Big Buddha Beach, plus speedboats operate all night long.

As with all big parties and festivals, there are a few dangers you must bear in mind. Never take any valuables with you to the party – there are thousands upon thousands of people there so if you did have anything stolen, it is unlikely you’d get it back. Take a photocopy of your passport with you just in case, but never take the original. Leave that and other valuables locked away in your hotels safe. Take enough money with you to cover drinks, foods and emergencies and keep it hidden away. It’s advised to wear shoes, rather than sandals or flip flops, to protect your feet from broken bottles. But most importantly, this is a once in a lifetime party so have fun! What are you waiting for – grab one of the many late holiday deals and get your party on!