Rome is a city that offers astonishing confluence of the old and the new. Side by side tourists will notice ancient structures, eroding frescoes and olden cobblestone walks being strutted upon with Gucci heels and Cavalli sandals worn by stylish locals as they talk on their mobile phones making their way to a nearby café. This article intends to present an insight of the ancient Rome, the city that nurtured some of the most powerful and influential individuals the world has come to admire. With that said, let us start our journey and experience the beauty that is Rome.

For a first time visitor, there are a number of must see places in the Eternal City such as the Colosseum, the Palatine, the Monument to Victor Emanuel II, and the Trevi Fountain.

The Colosseum

It was once a home for exhilarating competitions, barbaric amusements, and theatrical performances; now it stands as one of the portals that will take individuals back in time. With the passage of years, deterioration is inevitable and the interior walls of the Colosseum confirm such fact. Aesthetically speaking, the outer frame may prove to be more impressive as compared to its counterpart. However, if you decide to purchase a ticket (double ticket pass for the Colosseum and the Palatine) to get a glimpse of the inner recesses, be aware of the time. You may opt to stick around to catch the view of the sunset as it peaks through the crumbling archways. Truly, this sight is nothing short of breathtaking.

The Palatine Hill

Among the bustling scenic spots in Rome, the Palatine is considered to be one of the hidden gems that most tourists fail to see. And truth be told, those visitors who have accidentally witnessed the said hill is usually attributed to the fact that the queue to get into the Colosseum extended entirely around its edifice, so they chose to tackle the Palatine first.

Wise move! In here, you will see the Flavian Palace and several other imperial ruins and relics scattered about Palatine’s lush vegetation and striking pathways. But we have yet to get to the best part—its elevation. Thanks to Palatine’s natural contour and landscape, it stages the perfect view of the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. Just walk along the paths and see for yourself why Palatine is a hidden wonder.

The Monument to Victor Emanuel II

This structure was created to challenge the magnitude of St. Peter’s Basilica located in the Vatican. Also labeled as the Wedding Cake, it houses a military museum, a massive bronze statue, a burial place, and a view of the entire Centro Storico or the historic district. Another reason to visit this place is that it is free.

The Trevi Fountain

Tourists and locals alike regard Trevi to be the most stunning fountain in Rome. The central statue signifies Neptune and the other figures represent prosperity and health. It is a well-known custom that if you toss a coin into the fountain, you will find your way and return to Rome’s loving arms (and that your wish will be granted). The latter seems to be farfetched but hey, what have you got to lose? Loose change?

The Rest

Rome offers a hundred more monuments, column heads, centuries-old structures, and awe-inspiring sights that visitors would want to see. Trek the hills, see the Pantheon, have a picnic at the Roman forum, revisit the places at night, and show proper reverence when in Vatican. The list goes on. You may opt to go shopping or window shopping, if your budget restricts you. Munch on a panini, sip a cup of cappuccino (the real deal) while people watching, which is also a popular past time among the locals.