A change in schedule, unfamiliar surroundings, or vacation excitement may prevent travelers from sleeping restfully. The following five tips can help with a more comfortable stay in a hotel room—important to a good night’s sleep. You can keep them in mind while looking for discount hotel reservations. And you can enjoy the discount hotel rates and get great comfort at the same time.

When making hotel reservations for adults only, check to see if the hotel has a quiet zone, or rooms in a certain section that are away from the noisier areas of the hotel. A number of hotel chains now offer designated quiet zone floors—for adults who are not traveling with a large group or with children.

Bring along a comfortable pillow from home, if possible, since the hardness, softness, and shape of the hotel pillow may not be the neck support you prefer.

Try to make the room as dark and quiet as possible. Make sure curtains are completely closed and bring along earplugs to use if any noise can be heard through hotel walls. Wearing a sleep mask made of soft fabric can also help block out light seeping through the window.

Soft music and reading material can encourage sleepiness. Bring an MP3 player or radio and listen to soothing music to relieve stress. CD recordings of nature sounds such as running water or bird song can also tune out noise and create a tranquil mood. Instructional books, magazines, or books with light subject matter are good choices for bedtime reading. There are also a number of classic books and best-sellers available on CD, as well as MP3 downloads online.

When traveling with children, bring a favorite toy or bedtime storybook to recreate a familiar routine and provide additional comfort. A nightlight in the room can also provide a clearer walking path to the bathroom when everything is dark.

If possible, try to get to sleep at the same time as at home. Drink herbal tea instead of coffee later in the evening, especially if you are sensitive to caffeine. Avoid heavy, spicy meals late at night to prevent indigestion or an upset stomach. The first night in a hotel is usually the hardest for a good night’s sleep, but with these five tips, and your own knowledge of what works best for you, the transition will be easier. Sweet dreams! You can know more at www.hoteltattler.com.